We fit car airbags, diagnose car airbags, fix car airbag faults


At DASHWARNINGLIGHTS we use a Performance Tuning company that specialises in your car engine software. Our product is backed by a team of highly skilled engine remapping programmers working to ISO9001-2008 certificate of quality for our tuning files.

Information on the above ABS light go to our ABS light page

For information on the above ABS light go to our ABS light page.

Only few tuning companies in the EU have this and it is our way to convince you, our customers of our quality. There is a great deal of tuning rubbish for sale on web, so our clients always get some guarantee of quality.

We can supply you with a full custom engine remapping for your vehicle. We don’t supply generic remaps, but with support from our tuners, we can remap your car to your exact specifications.

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Dashwarninglights: Advanced Diagnosis of Airbag Lights, Engine Lights, ABS Lights and Engine remapping.

It’s never a good time to see a warning light on your dashboard. We’re here to take the worry out of warning lights. Call us, and a engineer will meet you in one of our vans loaded with diagnostic computers and tools – problem solved!

Most problems with car airbags can be fixed on the spot

Airbag modules or known as the airbag ecu are used to control the airbags, care must be taken when removing or installing them.

A VW airbag module

You must always follow manufactures guidelines however easy it is to unplug the airbag ecu or plug them in.

After your airbags have gone off Dashwarninglights are able to restore your locked airbag module potentially saving you hundreds of pounds just with our module repair.Even when you replace the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners your airbag light will stay on. You simply need to call us and we will come to you or send your airbags control module to us and we will return it Airbag reset for you to plug back in.

This is only for repair of your existing airbag module, we do not hold air bag modules in stock to sell as replacements,only airbag repair. If you are looking for a replacement airbag module and do not have the original call us and will try or best to find one.


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An illuminated engine warning light means your vehicle has detected a potential emissions fault.

An engine light on a Maserati 2007

The computer has logged one or more diagnostic trouble codes that corresponds to the problem and turned on the warning lamp to alert you to the problem.

For more information visit our engine light page.

At DASHWARNINGLIGHTS.CO.UK we can communicate with your car’s On Board Diagnostic System, locate the problem causing the engine light, abs light or airbag light, and reset any dashboard lights.

We specialise in diagnosing and fixing problems with BMW airbags, VW airbags,Mercedes airbags and any other car air bag problem that can trigger your airbag light on the dashboard. Most problems with car airbags can be fixed on the spot. common problems include the VW airtbag light on the MK 5 Golf, the Bmw seat sensor and the seat sensor for the Mercedes airbags.